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Elexus Lopez for (CNT) City News and Talk #reviews-all

Tanya Saracho, the show’s creator, manages to create an invigorating serious about engaging Mexican-American struggles with identity, sexuality, and gentrification. This show navigates the lives of two Mexican American siblings from East Los Angeles. Emma, the older sister, is a class act career woman who is estranged from her younger sister. Lyn, the younger sister, is a free-spirited party girl who doesn’t care for responsibilities. Sadly their mother, Vida, abruptly passes away. These sisters are forced to come together to take over their mother’s business and the building she owns connected to it. They deal with confronting suppressed emotions and learn something about their own mother’s character that shocks them. With no formal background in running a business or even being a landlord, they navigate what it means to be a landlord in an oscillating slowly gentrified neighborhood of East L.A. The girls learn more than they bargained for and reach a standpoint even in their sister dynamic. Vida is packed with drama and teaches us a lot about what it’s like for minorities and the LGBTQ community, where good music, fun experience, and great friends for support make it all worth it. It tackles real issues of gentrification and hard decisions that are relevant to this day and age. This show is definitely meant to leave you with a sense of gratitude and show love for this power duo of sisters joined with lots of tears and laughter through it all.

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